Ten Reasons Why We Love High Rise Living

Leila Zammatta|August 9, 2019

There's a lot of reasons to love living above it all, especially when you live in Chicago. And that's why we love high rise living in this city in particular. Here are the top ten reasons why living multiple stories up in Chicago is so desirable...

1. We've Got Views For Days. No one doubts that some of the best views in Chicago are available from our tallest buildings, and wouldn't you like to see that for yourself? Every day from your own living room, bedroom, etc.?

2. It's Quiet (For A City). Once you're up high enough, the city noises nearly disappear.

3. These Buildings Have Gyms. And high end ones at that, so no need to pay for membership that also requires you to go outside or maybe even drive to get a workout in.

4. And Other Amenities. Party rooms, guest suites, business centers, even wine cellars. Why would you ever leave? 

5. Like Concierges And Doormen. Perhaps the best one of all - imagine living with all the benefits of a high end hotel, every day?

6. Everything Is Close By. Most high rises are located right downtown or in nearby desirable neighborhoods, so you never need to go out of your way for a great restaurant, a fun night out, a show, shopping, a spa, or anything else. And your office might be nearby as well!

7. The Skyline Is Artwork In And Of Itself. You don't really need artwork when you have floor to ceiling windows showing off Chicago.

8. Zero Maintenance. The building has that taken care of already, most likely. You just need to call them, which is great peace of mind.

9. Utilities Are Simple (So Are Basic Needs). All your bills are likely bundled already, and the homeowners association has the big maintenance issues covered.

10. Mail Is Handled. This might be the most simple one of all, but wouldn't it be nice to not have to worry about packages and similar things? If you've never experienced high rise living, it might be time to start. 

And we can help you find your perfect high rise home - just contact us today!
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