Creative Ways to Use an Extra Bedroom: Getting the Most Out of Your Chicago Real Estate

Leila Zammatta|October 10, 2019

Having an extra bedroom or an extra room in general can be wonderful and it is definitely a way to add value to your Chicago real estate purchase if you're in the market. That said, if you're planning on living in the condo or home, or you currently have a spare bedroom that's not in use, you may want to consider making the most of that space by converting it into something that you love. Here are some ideas from our agents on how to make the most of that extra room in your Chicago home.

Office: Perhaps the most obvious way to use an extra room, but a home office is indeed a wonderful way to define work time from leisure time, especially if you work from home on a regular basis. Rooms with plenty of natural light, space for a large desk and a couple monitors (no matter what you do, a spare computer screen or two is a helpful luxury), and a bit of separation from the rest of the home work well as home offices.

Entertainment Room: Or you could call a den. Either way, create your own entertainment space with a big screen TV, gaming consoles, extra monitors for your computer(s), board games and books stacked up on shelves, maybe even a projector if you have the space. Don't forget the movie or sports-related artwork, since this is the ideal spot for fans to show off their collections. Perfect for media-focused people, gamers, and rooms that don't have a ton of natural light that could get in to the way of all the screens.

Game Room: Not to be confused with an entertainment room, this is where you could put a billiards table, a card table, or a ping pong table - or anything else similar. Add some dark wood for a classic feel, and a dart board wouldn't be out of place either, or go with a chalkboard wall to keep score.

Exercise Room: If you work out at home on a consistent basis, having a room dedicated to that is a true luxury. Depending on your regimen of choice, you don't need a ton of space - room to stretch out and perhaps a flat screen TV and sound system along with an elliptical or treadmill (or similar machine) might be more than satisfactory. Or go zen and have it be your meditation room with soothing colors and accessories.

Library: Go old school and showcase your book collection in a room focused on reading and relaxing; this works especially well if you have a room with built-in shelving, or a space where it is relatively simple to add in tons of open storage/shelving.

Dressing Room: Ever wanted to have a closet that resembled a boutique, or a vanity space that reminds you of an Old Hollywood style dressing room? You can do it now! Lots of natural light, an en-suite bath, and room for clothing racks and dressers (or built-in storage) can make for an amazing personal "glam room", particularly if it is adjacent to your bedroom.

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